Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Con Edison Instant Lighting Incentive Program all about?
We understand the importance of helping businesses save energy and money. Con Edison's new Instant Lighting Incentive Program makes it easy for large commercial, small business, industrial, and multifamily customers to replace inefficient incandescent and halogen lighting with energy-saving ENERGY STAR® and DesignLights Consortium® LEDs. Con Edison's partnerships with distributors such as Bright Energy Services help increase sales of the highest quality LED lamps on the market by offering a low price that's comparable to most other lamps.                                     
How does the incentive work?
Con Edison will reimburse Bright Energy Services directly for the higher cost of eligible ENERGY STAR and DLC LED lamps, which will be passed through to you as a discount on your invoice. This allows you to purchase premium LED lamps at approximately the same cost of conventional standard-wattage products.
What customers are eligible for the incentive?
All Con Edison large commercial, small business, industrial, and multifamily customers are eligible to participate in the Instant Lighting Incentive Program. Qualifying lamps must be installed and operated at the eligible customer's facility or premises. Contact us to confirm your building's eligibility.
What customers are not eligible?
Sales of qualifying lamps and fixtures to the following businesses are not eligible for discounts through the Instant Lighting Incentive Program:
  •  Residentially metered customers
  •  Businesses located outside Con Edison's electric service territory
  •  New construction projects
  •  Multi-family and CDI-eligible customers may not purchase tubular LEDs through this program
What lamps qualify for Con Edison’s incentives?
Incentives are available for the following screw-in ENERGY STAR LED lamp categories and DLC-eligible TLEDs. (Eligibility is subject to change.)
A-Line < 11 W
4Pin ≥ 11W
TLED U-Bend all UL-Type
A-Line ≥ 11 W
TLED all UL-Type 4ft
TLED all UL-Type 2ft
4Pin < 11 W
What are the benefits of ENERGY STAR and DLC QUALIFIED LEDs?
ENERGY STAR and DLC QUALIFIED LED replacement lamps provide customers with the following benefits: 
  •  Reduced energy bills. Compared to conventional lamps, ENERGY STAR and DLC QUALIFIED LEDs can provide up to 90 percent energy and cost savings. They also emit less heat, resulting in greater customer/ employee comfort and lower cooling costs.
  •  Longer lamp life. ENERGY STAR and DLC QUALIFIED LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lamps, requiring fewer replacements and reducing the labor costs associated with bulb maintenance.
  •  High quality and performance. ENERGY STAR and DLC QUALIFIED LED directional lamps provide the same high-quality natural color lighting for product display as conventional halogen lamps. All eligible lamps provide excellent CRI (Color Rendering Index) and instant-on capability. Many of these lamps are also dimmable.
  •  Increased safety. ENERGY STAR and DLC QUALIFIED LEDs do not contain toxic materials such as mercury or lead, reducing onsite risk to employees and customers and making lamp disposal safe and easy.
What are the typical applications for LEDs?
LED directional lamps are typically used for spot and track lighting applications in retail stores, art galleries, and museums and are an excellent substitute for halogen lamps. LED omnidirectional is very common in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and small offices. Installers should verify product eligibility on the ENERGY STAR or DLC ( website.
Will Con Edison conduct site inspections?
Yes, Con Edison will conduct randomly selected site inspections to verify the accuracy of the sales data including customer site location, quantity and type of qualifying lamps, etc.
Can customers order spare lamps?
The number of lamps purchased should not exceed the number of sockets where they will be installed. All lamps sold and submitted for reimbursement should be installed by the customer or Bright Energy Services within 30 days after the sale. As a reminder, Con Edison will conduct site verifications and if it finds that lamps and fixtures are not installed, the program may end or the rebates may be substantially reduced.
Can a customer decline the incentive?
Yes, customers may decline the rebate if they choose to do so.

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